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Western Lowland
Puerto Quito /
The Choco Jungle

• Be part of a unique experience to help fight against the destruction of the lowland rainforest, global warming and biofuels
• Learn about the past, present and future of the jungle while enjoying one of the ten biodiverse hotspots in the world
• Bird watch in one of the 50 hotspots in the world for bird life
• Observe wildlife in its natural habitat with high probability of seeing endemic and endangered species

Be part of a beautiful &
educational experience

which helps fund a research
and conservation project
in this little known paradise.

The Chocó Region extends from the south of
Panama to the northwest of Ecuador, along the Pacific coast, and up to the western slopes of the Andes. It is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, yet mostly
unknown. Only 5% of this forest is left in Ecuador. This paradise has been continuously deforested over the
last 40 years. Many excuses are behind its destruction. The jungle was thought to be an endless green desert. An Ecuadorian law created in created 1969 mandated
its clear cutting by settlers. Also, big and small logging companies helped destroy it. Today the little remnant of the western lowlands is succumbing to the idea of producing agrofuels to replace fossil fuels.
Thousands of hectares of rainforest are being replaced by African Palm Plantations to produce cheap and unhealthy cooking oil, cosmetics, and the monster of the
century, biodeisel. This last forest assassin is killing the habitat of millions of species and taking away the land that produces food for the people of the jungle.

Wildlife found in one of the
worlds top biodiverse hotspots

Howler monkey • brown-headed spider monkey • capuchin monkey • kinkajou • armadillo • paca agoutis • tamandua • ocelot • tyra • grisons • tropical otter • jaguar • toucan • mealy parrot • guayaquil’s woodpecker • baudo guan • orange fronted barbet • long-wattled umbrellabird • great green macaw • crested guan & more.

To see photos, lists of birds and other wildlife, and to learn about the threat level of each please visit us at at www.itapoareserve.com or our facebook page.

Custom Tours
Custom tours on Birding, Environmental Impact, & Plant Life available. Call or email to plan one with us.
Phone: 593 094784992 or 593 093145894
Email: info@itapoa reserve.com
Talk to Maria/Raul in Hosteria Itapoa, Puerto Lopez.
Please reserve all tours one week in advance.
English, Italian, and Spanish spoken.

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Learn more at: www.itapoareserve.com

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Two to Six Day Tours

A Jungle Experience in the
Ecuadorian Choco Region
Puerto Quito /Canande
Western Lowland Rainforest

A trip to Ecuador would not be complete without observing and learning about the magnificent and diverse plants, birds and other wildlife that inhabits one
of the earth’s most lush and vibrant Rainforests. Visit our project which has 400 species of flowers, fruit trees, and
orchids. See how the forest regenerates with great effort of a few people, but also see its destruction by many
others. Enjoy rivers and waterfalls, and make your own chocolate. Our tours are recommended by many travel
guides including Lonely Planet, Footprint, plus various organizations and ecotour companies throughout the
world. The tours are guided by Raul Nieto, a rainforest advocate who holds a graduate degree in field biology,
with over 20 years of experience in the region.
Tours available in English, Italian and French.



Two Day Tour

Puerto Quito Wildlife Watch

Learn about the rainforest’s diverse ecology system. Hike the forests, observe birds and other wildlife in it’s natural environment, and swim under waterfalls.


• You will arrive the evening before, have dinner, learn about the biodiversity of the rainforest and it’s varied wildlife inhabitants

Day One
• Breakfast includes fresh local fruits and home grown coffee
• Walk around the botanical garden, the fruit trees and orchids
• Hike to the secondary and primary forests to see their difference.
See the cacao and coffee trees, lunch
• Afternoon walk to see the negative human impact on the region
mainly due to the introduction of African palm plantations
• Swim, animal watch at one of the 10 world hotpots
• Dinner, night walk to the forest (optional)
Day Two
• Breakfast includes fresh local fruits and home grown coffee
• Explore and enjoy a waterfall 40 minutes away, lunch
• Make and sample your own chocolate from cocoa seeds
• Make palm nut ring
$82 dollars. Includes room with bathroom, all meals, the guide, & waterfall fee. Price does not include transportation to Puerto Quito.


Birding Tours

Birdwatching in a top 50 Hotspot

Plan a custom individualized birdwatching adventure around your schedule, length of stay, and interest.

You have the choice of visiting one or more locations including:
• Puerto Quito/Canande Lowland Rainforest
• Los Bancos Cloud Forest
• Mangrooves
• Chimborazo in the Andes
• La Segua - Ecuador’s most important freshwater bird sanctuary
$200 per day for one person, $150 each per day for 2 or more. This includes all transportantion with pick up location of your choice, plus all hotel accommodation and meals and birding guide. Call or email for more information and to plan one with us.

Six Day Tour

Puerto Quito/Canande Jungle
Adventure & Wildlife Watch

Observe monkeys, kinkajous, toucans, and possibly jaguars in their native habitat. Swim in pristine streams and waterfalls. Hike into the real jungle, away from spoiled tourist areas. Camp in tents.

Day One
• Arrive in Puerto Quito at noon.
• Walk the botanical garden with more than 400 species of
ornamental plants, tropical fruits, orchids, coffee and cacao
• Discuss the area’s history and biodiversity over dinner
Day Two
• Up early to travel two hours by car to Cristobal Colon, located
40km north of Puerto Quito, in the Esmeraldas Province,
• Hike mostly virgin forest 4 -5 hours to our jungle hut, spot many
birds and other wildlife on the way. (Horses carry all supplies)
• Set up tents, build fire, dinner,
talk of our day’s experiences
Day Three
• Walk down the river, swim,
enjoy waterfalls, observe the
diverse unspoiled nature
• Return to camp, dinner, relax
• Get ready for night
Day Four
• Walk through the jungle, observe animals and examine tracks
• Return to camp, relax, enjoy dinner.
• Discuss observations of the day, get ready for night
Day Five
• Pack up camp, hike out of the jungle back to Cristobal Colon
• Ride Back to Puerto Quito arriving before dinner.
• Prepare dinner, relax, Get ready for night, discussion of the day.
• Night walk to the forest (optional)
Day Six
• Breakfast includes fresh local fruits and home grown coffee
• Make your own chocolate from cacao seeds, make palm nut
rings. End of the visit at noon
$250 each for 2 or more. Includes all meals, waterfall fee, camping equipment, pack horses & guide. Price does not include transportation to Puerto Quito.

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