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Chocolate to Save the Rainforest

The cacao plant, Theobroma cacao, is native to the jungles of tropical America. It grows in a friendly, non-invasive way with other trees. Cacao trees can be planted together with native trees in deforested areas recreating a new analogous forest and biological corridors. If the plants are well managed, cacao can also prevent further deforestation by bringing much needed income to families who care about their environment.

Settlers are encouraged to stop logging trees from the jungle to make money. Instead of logging or selling off their valuable land to plantation owners, who clear cut the rainforest to grow monocultures such as the African Palm, communities have an alternative, now.

Itapoa Project is helping community members in sensible regions of the Pacific side of the Colombian Choco, to plant cacao trees. We, also, train them to grow the trees in a sustainable way and without the use of pesticides. By growing cacao of high quality, the community gets better prices for their product and at the same time, they preserve the preserve the rainforest and retain their lands which keeps their families and communities together.

Learn firsthand about making chocolate by becoming a volunteer at the project or joining us on one of our rainforest tours. You can also buy 100% natural chocolate and coffee at the "Hosteria ITAPOA", Malecon Julio Izurieta y Calle Abdon Calderon, Puerto Lopez, Manabi- Ecuador or Chocolateria ITAPOA, Carrera 6 3-30 in Cali, Colombia. All proceeds from their sale go directly towards supporting the conservation and reforestation of the rainforest.

Get a product that has important values added… forest, biodiversity, culture and help the people to get back on their feet after many years of armed conflicts and violence, before they succumb to higher economic powers. We are on time…

Thank you

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