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How the idea of ​​merging the research project of the CHOCO AND CONSERVATION of ITAPOA RESERVE with the culture of the region, started.

I was introduced to green color of the Chocö and its music during my early years, both captivated me .... Sometimes, we lose our way and explore new paths or forget our roots, but sooner or later  we return.
During my years in college, in an Animal Behavior class, I was asked to study the behavior of some primates. It was  at a zoo in New York that I returned to my childhood and my thoughts became fixed on the sounds, smells, tastes, colors and feelings of the Chocó ... Since then, I have been fighting for the preservation of the natural environment while learning from this region.
Years passed, the silhouettes of the bodies moving to the rhythms of the piano jungle increasingly passionate me, as a human complement this natural environment. However, these human expressions were not the same as those of my first experiences. Its inhabitants were forgetting its roots, as the forest was losing its trees.
During the development of a photo exhibit of wildlife of the Choco the idea of linking both, nature and culture, appeared.  Thus, the marimba group DIVERSIDAD DEL CHOCO was created, the music makes me even more connected to environment that I am trying to protect and that is why I have now formed DIVERSIDAD DEL CHOCO ATURE AND ART SCHOOL, to link the cultural expressions of the people with the protection of their environment. Children are the best place to start. It's simple; one must go hand in hand with the other to return the identity to the people, to connect this identity with their surroundings and to express through art the love to their land.

Raul Nieto

Diversidad Del Choco - Naturaleza y Arte

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